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Jetpack Flyboard and Jetski Rentals of Miami

Relentless WaterSports 

Jetpack Flyboard Jetski Rentals of Miami

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During your flight you will have both a Certified Flight Instructor and a Flight Navigator focused solely on your successful Jetpack experience. In addition, prior to your flight, your Flight Attendant will provide comprehensive Jetpack instruction and a safety check.No experience is necessary and all first time flyers receive one-on-one coaching via the safety helmet speaker. Most first time flyers power up and out of the water in just minutes.

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Miami - Relentless Watersports Jetpack/ FlyBoard and Jetski Rentals


We provide thrill-seekers the rush of a life time. By visiting Miami - Relentless Water Sports in Miami, you have the opportunity to take flight with a water propelled jet pack, flyboard or jetski! In just seconds, you will be walking on water, running on air, or soaring through the water below you with ease. 

We asked ourselves how we can provide you with fun and excitement. Now ask yourself. What is the most exciting outdoor recreational activities you've done lately?


Our mission is to give our guests an experience like no other. So, what are you waiting for? Swimsuit up, come out to meet us, and take flight today.

Relentless Water Sports gives each customer the training they will need to safely operate a Jet pack or Flyboard or Jetski.